Street Team Member

Handbook and Guidelines
Welcome to EverythingDMV Radio!
We're excited to have you on the team!
Having  Interns and/or Volunteers at a radio station is a big step to starting your career in radio. Almost everyone that works at this radio station was once an intern. An Intern and /or Volunteer in any profession is by far the best way yo learn about a job. It is an opportunity unlike any other. Hopefully, you are here because you are considering a job in radio and would like to get some hands-on experience to make yourself more marketable to an employer or perhaps you think it will be cool to work at a radio station. Either way, it will be a tremendous learning experience that can pay off in many ways.

This handbook and guide includes the rules and regulations of your EverythingDMV Radio Intern and/or Volunteer. Please acquaint yourself with all the information here, you are responsible for EVERYTHING contained herein.

In many ways, you are the most important member of the EverythingDMV Radio team. Members of the Street Squad attend all station events: concerts, live broadcasts, club appearances, promotional appearences, movie premiers, and Recording session to name a few things. You are constantly interacting with our listeners and our clients, how you interact with them can make the difference as to whether that person will stop listening to the station, or be a listener/fan for life.

Things to Keep in Mind:
  • This is YOUR Intern and /or Volunteer, make the most of it.
  • If you're unsure, ASK!
  • BE MOTIVATED, If you're not here to work,you're not going to be here long.


  • Station event are WORK, treat them as such -- No drinking, eating or smoking. When working a EverythingDMV Radio event , you represent the radio station and we count on you to make a positive impression.
  • Always act cheerful and approachable both in the office and on the street.
  • If you're handing out promotional items, hand them out.
  • DO NOT SIT AROUND. Walk around and meet people.
  • Talk about what's happening on air or upcoming events.
  • If you did not sign up to work an event and you are under the age of 21, you should never be at a EverythingDMV Radio bar/club event.
  • Squad members are required to do two events per week and one of the events must be on the weekend We will be keeping track.
  • Share the event on your social media, thats how you become an EverythingDMV Radio Influencer
Back Stage Access
  • At no time should any Street Squad member ask to get back stage at a concert. If we find out you were asking, you will be terminated on the spot.
  • We encourage your friends to attend our events, however, not with you.
  • Always keep in mind that you are at EverythingDMV Radio events to work, not to hang out with friends.