Executive  Letter

Dear Customers,

Innovative, creative and consistent multimedia marketing strategies are now a necessary tool of trade, no longer just an add-on, rather a medium on which to compete globally, reach more customers, and build new relationships.

Shannon "Ba'k" Roundtree is the founding member. Shannon has been generating clients based in his own related business since 2004, previously, Shannon enjoyed mild success in businesses playing the role of an employee, and has been limited only by capital and available time. The potential for a complete media solutions provider was realized while operating independent part time businesses, one with backgrounds in Video and Audio Production, Photography and Broadcasting, the other in Internet Development, Management Consultancy and Graphic Design.

Today, advances in technology and design are providing many opportunities for new and existing businesses and individuals to re-invent themselves and their marketing strategies. EverythingDMV Multimedia Inc. has emerged out of the increasing need for a provider of a complete suite of integrated multimedia marketing services to businesses and individuals, initially within Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia. We can foresee that demand for our unique service will be required nationwide and possibly beyond.

Currently there are many businesses offering independent media marketing services, or a small range of multimedia services, however, few offer a complete solution. Research suggests that because the field is relatively new and quickly adapting, there are very few businesses in the United States of America offering a complete range of multimedia marketing services to meet the imminent market demand.

This enables a well-conceived business to combine a conglomerate of these services and secure a forefront position in the field of cross media production and promotion.

EverythingDMV Multimedia Inc.'s coordinated marketing program, professional image, attention to detail, strategic vision and understanding of the client's needs sets the business apart from the competition.